Paving Plus Sydney sells a range of pavers suitable for all applications,

Whether it’s a patio, driveway, pool, barbeque area or patio or pathway

We supply pavers for all budgets and can refer you to qualified installers for a supply and fix quotation. Visit or call us to discuss your needs.
We deliver Sydney wide and beyond.
Pavers are available in countless sizes such as brick size or large format pavers
Pavers can be categorized by choice of material:

Clay pavers
Concrete pavers
Natural stone pavers

Clay pavers are available in brick size as well as larger format such as 400x400mm. They are durable and available in modern colours to suit contemporary homes

clay pavers phot

clay pavers

Concrete pavers are versatile, durable and available in an unlimited colour and texture range for any application

concrete pavers pic

concrete pavers

The choice with natural stone pavers includes travertine, sandstone, limestone and granite

natural stone pavers

natural stone pavers

This website is still under construction and we will update with more product details